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Large (75%)Capuchin Franciscans to establish community in Indiana, provide pastoral ministry to parishes, IUPNo

​May 18, 2020

Four Capuchin Franciscan friars are coming to the Diocese of Greensburg to establish a community at a new friary in the town of Indiana, where they will provide pastoral ministry and leadership at three parishes in Indiana County, along with university campus ministry services at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Read the full press release on the diocese website


June 28, 2020

The Christian life as a true follower of Christ is more than what the world would consider ordinary. The true disciple will take to heart and act on the teachings of Jesus Christ and His church by embracing a generous life of sacrificial service; Caring for the needs of others especially the poor, the weak, the marginalized before taking care of personal needs and desires. The true believer gives not just from their surplus of supplies but even from the little they need to live on. Trusting in Divine Providence, we embrace the Truth that there is more to this life and living in the world then the accumulation of goods and pleasure and safety and personal security.

As Baptized believers we identify with Christ. He is Our Lord and Savior. In Him we live as a beloved child of Our Father in heaven. Because of our Christian identity and dignity, we live in the world but not buying into the secular values of the fallen culture infected by sin. As Christians, we follow Jesus and say no to sin even as we are confronted by temptations to sin from the world, the flesh and the devil. In company with Christ, we conquer and we have the assistance of guardian angels and the communion of saints and the family that is His Church.

We practice our faith by living the obedience of faith keeping the covenant commands as Christ teaches us in spirit and in truth through His Church. And we learn to grow and mature as faithful and true disciples by frequent and regular use of the sacraments of the church, especially the Holy Eucharist and the Sacrament of Penance. We know we have personal limits and weaknesses and sometimes fall into sin but we know where to go and how to repent and reform our lives so we can return to the right way of living with Christ in a state of grace. Trusting in Divine Mercy we do not have to be afraid because we believe what Jesus said is true: "I have not come to condemn sinners but to call them to conversion."

Renew your Baptism vows to reject sin and Satan and to profess your faith in the One True God the Holy Trinity. Teach your family the practice of the faith by your words and good example and call on the assistance of our family of faith, the communion of saints and the living members of the church our parish and diocese.   

Jesus is the source and summit of our faith both in the church and in our homes. During this pandemic we have been forced to spend more time at home and away from the church. Our priorities need to be clear – Christ first, last and always at the center of all our relationships and activities, then put others before self, demonstrate true caring and practical and spiritual assistance to spouses, children, siblings, neighbors and even strangers and take care to practice the personal disciplines of a true disciple particularly prayer, fasting and alms giving.

Open your mind and heart to the Word of God in the Sacred Scriptures and the teachings of the church. Grow and mature in your Christian life by cooperating with the graces and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Be inspired and be on fire with the love of God. Dare to do whatever He asks you and you will make a difference for good in these challenging times. To God be the glory and Praise Him who lets us share His glory. Press on and pass on the blessings of Jesus and His Holy Family.





You are very dear to my heart. It is time to say good bye and a Big thank you for the way you welcomed me and my family into your lives for these past 7 years. When I arrived here as your new pastor I did not know you and you did not know me and probably wondered what kind of a man and priest are we getting. We learned to love one another and grow together in the practice of our faith. I had the privilege to follow Fr. Bill Kiel whom you loved and who served you faithfully and then I had the honor to bury him in our cemetery and host his family for the memorial Mass with our Bishop in attendance. I pray for him and frequently ask him to intercede for our St. Bernard family, you are encouraged to do the same.

There are many precious memories to highlight my experience with you as your pastor, especially, the many Baptisms and First Communions with your children. Also, I treasure the times I could offer you God’s mercy through the Sacrament of Penance. For me this is a very humbling and hopeful Sacrament which I encourage you to make regular and frequent use of, both on Saturdays and during our regional penance services. The Capuchins are known to be good confessors and I have benefited personally from them. While there were not many weddings here over the last few years I appreciate being able to share the joy of your families as your family tree grows.

The graduations of our children are extra special from kindergarten through high school and beyond. How blessed we are to have a Catholic School on our parish campus. Mrs. Denise Swope has done an outstanding job as our principal and serves her staff and the students both professionally and generously.

Many of you have had to bury loved ones during these years and this was also when I buried both my mom and dad. You joined with me in sharing your sorrow and faith and I appreciate being able to share my loss also with you. Your kindness will always remain in my heart and I ask my parents to continue to intercede for you. Bishop Malesic allowed me to bring my dad here after mom died and dad made many new friends because of your warm welcome and his sense of humor. He felt truly at home and left an extra gift to our parish when he passed. My brothers and sister all remarked how special St. Bernard’s was to both dad and me.

We enjoyed the 170th Anniversary of St. Bernard’s with a wonderful meal and shared history lesson. I was and am looking forward to the 175th celebration coming up in a few years. The Pastoral and Finance Councils serve this community with energy and intelligence and commitment to ongoing growth. We were able to begin on-line giving and an increased offertory right before the pandemic forced a radical change in our attendance. Gratefully, you have continued your generous financial support to St. Bernard parish.

What a surprise, even a shocking surprise, that we had to lock the doors to the church during Lent and through Easter. Thank God we are returning to more active participation both in the Mass and other parish events. Added to this unexpected change, the announcement that the Capuchin Franciscans are coming to serve this parish and our neighbors was another surprise which includes that Fr. Don and I must move on. This gift of new life for the parish is a long-term commitment by these Franciscans to guide you and your families in becoming even more fruitful disciples. Welcome these men as you did me and you will grow in love, joy and unity as the Catholic community in Indiana.

God’s love for us is not limited by geography and I will trust His love to continue to bless you as I promise to pray for you daily even as I pray for the parishioners in the 3 new parishes I am now called to serve.

Stay faithful to your personal and parish prayer life and know that I include you in my daily praying of the Rosary. The beautiful shrines dedicated to the Blessed Mother here at St. Bernard’s bring much peace and strength to our families and you have maintained them with great care.

Your generous service as volunteers has made this a great parish. Even with the extra effort of maintaining clearances, you have continued to step forward and provide services. More volunteers are always welcome, invite each other to get involved and make a difference for the good of all.

The staff in the office and the cemetery could not have served me better, I will truly miss their support. Be patient with the new crew and help them learn their way around this community.

Knowing we share the same faith is a source of joy and strength to me. Stay yoked to Jesus and live in that state of grace where we get to share Holy Communion with Him and one another. We share His life, His grace and blessings and we get to pass it on with the promise that the Best is yet to be!  When the saints go marching in I want you to be in that number – count me in too!

God be with you always,

Love Joy and Peace

Father Tom

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Adoration is from 12-7 PM

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Father Tage Danielson, OFM Cap.

Brother Thomas Choi, OFM Cap. - Resident

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